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Eco- friendly, sustainable cork surface with a non-slip rubber bottom.


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  • 2mm non-slip, flexible rubber bottom
  • Non-slip, anti-bacterial and natural surface for your yoga practice
  • Grip increases as you sweat
  • Small ridges in the bottom layer for super grip
  • 68 x 24 inches and 3mm thick, weighs 2kg


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The Cork Yoga Mat is a beautiful mat to practice on with a sustainable cork surface and non-slip rubber bottom, made by Cork Yogis. Cork is a unique material, the grip actually increases the wetter the mat gets, so the sweatier your hands the stronger the grip!

The natural temperature of cork is the same as your body temperature, so it feels fantastic to practice on! Cork has an impermeable surface so wont absorb and smells or bacteria.

Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak trees. Cork is harvest from the trees, without cutting down the tree. The cork grows back in 8-9 years to be harvested again.

For every purchase of a Cork Yoga Mat, Cork Yogis pay for one woman from an abusive background to find dignified employment through education and skills.


Beautifully Natural

Cork, harvested sustainably, is a warm natural beautiful surface for yoga indoors and out
From Cork Yogis
Founded in South London, Cork Yogis make environmentally friendly, super grip yoga mats

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