Dogs Bone Standing Desk

Attractive wooden desk helps burn calories and improve posture


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Product Description

The Dogs Bone Stand Up Desk converts your office desk to a stand up desk. The attractive wooden desk sits on top of your normal desk, the variable rung height designed to cater for people of different heights from 5’3″ (160cm) to 6’7″ (204cm).

The Dogs Bone Desk offers is the only convertible stand up desk to a true ergonomic position for tall users with laptops, for laptop users to 6 ‘ 3″ and desktop screen users to 6’  7″ *

The benefits of standing up working are

  • Good breathing posture improves circulation and concentration
  • Less time sitting can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Burn more calories and lose weight

“One of the primary risk factors of heart disease and premature heart aging is being sedentary –sitting for hours at a time” American Medical Association (AMA)

The desk assembles is less than 1 minute, and is even easier to take down, which makes it a cinch to sit and stand throughout the day. When not in use the desk tidies neatly flatpack in very little space.

Our unique Dogs Bone strut is what stands this desk apart, pulling both side walls tight for a very sturdy and solid stand to hold your expensive office equipment.

Because of the desks portability its very easy to share between a team of several people. The desk only 73cm x 59cm of table (recommended table height from ground approx 71cm)

Made from FSC certified birch plywood and finished with durable matt finish water based natural oil. Our birch is from sustainably managed Northern European forests. Birch is an attractive fast growing hard wood, ideal for use in long lasting durable furniture. Studies show employees who work in environments with natural elements have higher level of well-being and are more productive!

Tough and durable matt oil finish offers very low glare, is stain resistant and easy wipe clean!

The Dogs Bone Desk is made in the UK

* Heights vary depending on laptop and desktop screen sizes!

Dogs Bone

Patent pending 'dogs bone joint' secures desk tight for sturdy support

dogs bone joint stand up working desk - Supawell


Machine cut and hand finished in the UK

Stand up working desk hand finished in London - supawell

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 59 x 77 x 86 cm

FSC Birch Plywood


Matt finish, with durable water based natural oil

Made in the UK

Made in the UK