Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand

Noapop Adjustable Portable Wood Laptop Stand
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Down - Noapop
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Rise - Noapop
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Up - Noapop
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Highest - Noapop
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Office - Noapop
Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand - Worker - Noapop

Aesthetically beautiful, adjustable and portable to improve posture and reduce back and neck pain while working.


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  • Mutli level for your best ergonomic position
  • Can improve posture and relieve neck and back pain
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from durable and strong birch ply
  • 27cm x 27cm x 4.5cm when folded flat


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A beautiful ergonomic wooden laptop stand to help get you into a working position that improves your posture by raising your laptop screen to eye level. The Noapop laptop stand has 5 adjustable position to get your laptop to the right height for your best posture.

The Noapop laptop stand is designed by a chiropractor and handcrafted from birch ply. Each stand is engraved with a geometric pattern, and the natural aesthetic from wood material a far more attractive material than plastic from China for your office.

An eye level screen reduces back straining therefore maintains a healthy posture, a position recommended for the relief of neck and back pain.

For the most ergonomic setup a stand alone keyboard/ mouse is recommended, but the stand can be used without one and still be effective.

Birch Ply is known for its strength and durability and is an abundant and fast growing species so there is no disruption to biodiversity when felled.

The stand folds flat and is lightweight for easy transportation.

Dimensions: (w) 27cm x (l) 27cm x (h) 4,5cm.



For your best ergonomic position



Lightweight and durable, take with you where ever you work