About Supawell

Supawell was born from a love of sports and being active. With age comes injury and frustration from not being able to move the way I used to.

Yoga improved both of those things, as well as stuff I didn’t know I’d get, like feeling physically and mentally better at the start of my day after a few minutes on my mat. Better able to focus on the important stuff to me that day. There’s benefit in yoga for everyone.

When I started yoga, all I saw online was middle class white women preaching ‘the best, most zen you’. Perfect bodies practising yoga on mountain tops and dudes with their ankles behind their heads trying to make out it was perfectly normal. These people are not the norm, I am, and if you’re on this site, you probably are too.

I like the way things look, I care about how stuff is made and I think we’re likely f*cked on this planet if we all don’t think about how the choices we make impact the planet.

Supawell mats are for everyone, designed by amazing creatives and made from materials that are better for the planet. ‘Sustainability’ is too often priced as a premium feature, but in my opinion we’re screwed if everyone can’t choose stuff that’s kinder to the planet.

We sell our mats at an affordable price (and less profit) so everyone can choose a beautiful product that’s kind to the earth, and most importantly get the same benefit from yoga I do.

Thanks for reading,

Tadhg (Founder)